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About our firm

Since the firm’s inception over two decades ago, McLeish Orlando has limited its practice to serious injury cases, to enable us to dedicate the personnel and financial resources required to litigate these most complicated cases. Our track record of success and peer reviewed credentials speak for themselves. Choosing the right personal injury law firm to handle your serious injury case will have lifelong implications.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers will take all steps required to ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve. Contact our office today for a free consultation to get the process started.


Life-changing Results

At McLeish Orlando, we represent the victims of personal injuries and their loved ones. We strive for the best possible results for our clients. Below, you’ll find a sample of our past results and success stories

  • $2.7 Million Awarded for Car Accident Injuries

    $2.7 Million

    The Lawyers at McLeish Orlando Helped Client Obtain $2.7M Settlement for Car Accident Injuries.

  • $2.7 Million Awarded for Car Accident Injuries

    $1 Million

    Our past client suffered from serious injuries in a car crash. McLeish Orlando Lawyers obtained a $1M settlement for our client's medical care & justice.

  • $12.1 Million

    Our past client suffered from Quadriplegia due to the negligence of the other party. The lawyers at McLeish Orlando were able to obtain $12.1 M in judgement on this Occupiers’ Liability case.

  • $1.9 Million

    Our lawyers represented a past client who sustained a severe traumatic brain injury and seven serious fractures. Our lawyers were able to recover $1.9M in the MVA case settlement.

  • $2.7 Million Awarded for Car Accident Injuries

    $2.3 Million

    Our client suffered from severe orthopaedic injuries. The lawyers at McLeish Orlando were able to recover $2.3M in this Motorcycle Accident Case.

  • $2.7 Million Awarded for Car Accident Injuries

    $2.3 Million

    The lawyers at McLeish Orlando settled this orthopaedic injury case for over $2.3M.

  • $2.4 Million

    Our client was struck by a car while riding his e-bike. The lawyers at McLeish Orlando settled this motor vehicle accident case for $2.4M.

  • $2.5 Million

    Our lawyers were able to recover $2.5M in paediatric Injury settlement for our client.

  • $3 Million

    The lawyers at McLeish Orlando recovered $3M in a traumatic brain injury case for a client who was struck by a vehicle as a pedestrian.

  • $3.5 Million

    The lawyers at McLeish Orlando recovered $3.5M in this pedestrian accident case for their client.

  • $4 Million

    The lawyers at McLeish Orlando were able to achieve a $4M ski accident settlement for their client and his family.

  • $3.6 Million

    We built a case that eventually resulted in our client receiving a $3.6M car accident case settlement.

  • $4.6 Million

    Our lawyers successfully recovered $4.6M in the incomplete quadriplegic settlement case for our past client.

  • $3.4 Million

    Our lawyers were able to recover over $3.4M in the case of a pedestrian accident settlement, providing this man with the compensation needed to cope with his inability to return to work, and with his future care requirements.

  • $12 Million

    McLeish Orlando Lawyers worked diligently to get the highest possible car accident settlement for our client, totaling $12M. The money will help provide long term care for both him and his family.

  • $15.7 Million

    McLeish Orlando Lawyers were able to successfully settle the case of a spinal cord injury for our past client.

  • $21 Million

    After motions before the trial judge and an order striking out the jury along with evidentiary orders, the case settled. The mountain biking accident settlement claim advanced for the boy by the lawyers at McLeish Orlando was $21M.

  • $10 Million

    Our lawyers were able to get over $10M for the quadriplegic injury settlement, giving this young girl a sense of financial security towards gaining an enjoyment of life.

  • $6.3 Million

    The lawyers at McLeish Orlando were able to recover over $6.3M in the catastrophic injury settlement for our client, which will go towards ongoing expenses such as medical and rehabilitation bills, home modifications needed for accessibility, and future lost income.

  • $12 Million

    McLeish Orlando Lawyers were able to successfully settle the case of traumatic brain injury and fracture/dislocation of the cervical spine for our past client.

  • $9.8 Million

    The lawyers at McLeish Orlando were able to recover $9.8M in the motorcycle accident settlement for our client. This will not only help with ongoing medical treatments and therapies, but also ensure that his family will be financially supported despite a loss in their father’s income.


*Disclaimer: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results. Amounts recovered and other litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Our Expertise

At McLeish Orlando, our personal injury lawyers help individuals who have suffered from a critical injury or a loss of a loved one due to the negligence of others. Our lawyers are here to guide you through the legal process and help you rebuild your life. Below are the areas of personal injury expertise that our law firm specializes in.

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Our People

For over 20 years our team has worked tirelessly to provide exceptional legal services to our clients.

Meet Our Team

Areas of Practice

Our practice focuses on representing individuals who have suffered critical injuries. We also represent family members who have lost a loved one through the negligence of others.

Occupiers' Liability

At McLeish Orlando, our skilled occupier's liability lawyers will handle all aspects of the case for a fair settlement.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our firm has a strong record of success representing people who have suffered serious injuries as the result of Motor Vehicle Accidents.


Cycling Accidents

Our lawyers are cycling advocates who provide effective legal advice and representation to those injured in cyclist accidents and to the family members who lost loved ones in such accidents.


Medical Malpractice

Medical negligence can be life-changing, from life-long implications to premature death. Our medical malpractice lawyers can ensure you receive fair compensation.


Product Liability

When someone suffers a serious injury or death because a defective or dangerous product, it's important they have the best product liability lawyers to represent them.


Long Term Disability

A long-term disability lawyer ensures you're provided with a financial lifeline in the event of a long term disability or illness preventing you from working.


Sports Injuries

Sport and recreational injury lawyers help those seriously inured as a result of the negligence of the operator of a facility, participants, or the coaches involved.


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What our clients say…

3 weeks ago

Jessica Dawn

We recently used Mr. Shaw of the firm and we were so grateful to have him. Not only was he patient with our numerous questions, he took the time to answer them all, and always made sure we were good. Thanks so much in helping us get justice for our father. Roxanne
a month ago

Sarah Danielson

After being a victim in a very serious motor vehicle accident as a pedestrian, I began working with McLeish Orlando. I cannot say enough incredible things about my experience working with this firm and all of the staff who I interacted with over the course of my case with them. They were kind, caring, and compassionate and I truly don't know what I would've done without their expertise. Everyone I interacted with was so knowledgable and they made sure that I was updated every step of the way and I so appreciate their support and willingness to help me and to make sure that I had a solid understanding as we went through the case. Thank you so much to all of the incredible people who work at McLeish Orlando, especially Dale and Joe, and to anyone who is seeking representation: I cannot say enough great things about them and I know you would be satisfied working with them!
a month ago

Debbie Clark Artist

I would like to thank Dale, Lindsay, Sunita, Kim and everyone else on the team at McLeish Orlando. Not only are they professional and respectful, they have been personally supportive to me and also my family during the difficult time after my accident. I am very pleased with the final outcome! I highly recommend this Law Firm!
2 months ago

Stephanie Duffy

McLeish and Orlando are professional, knowledgeable and, most importantly, compassionate. Definitely one of the best firms in personal injury!
2 months ago

Jä Cartmell

Very caring and professional. They went above and beyond to help me in my case.
2 months ago

Danny Ma

Lindsay is very compassionate, professional and trustworthy.She was superb in handling our case. Our thanks also go to John and Dale for their support. Mary Long and Sunita always communicated promptly with great patience, care and understanding. McLeish Orlando, the best law firm. Lindsay, the best lawyer!
4 months ago


I was a victim of a near fatal car accident in 2018, sustaining multiple significant injuries. I was recommended by a relative in the legal industry to have McLeish Orlando represent me. Patrick Brown and Nick Todorovic did an outstanding job building an incredible team to support me. Helping me recover with top notch rehabilitation , professionally advising me after any question I had from the medical to legal aspects of a life changing and very scary time in my life. I would truly trust these two gentleman to represent any family or friends of mine.
4 months ago


We interviewed several firms about representing me for a very serious pedestrian accident I suffered. Meeting Salvatore Shaw was great. He was very knowledgeable, patient, could easily answer a myriad of questions without hesitation. He was very thorough in explaining the process, what to expect and the time lines. The attention he gave us at our meeting never waivered. He kept us informed of progress without may need to follow up. He was encouraging, did not allow the process or appointments to overwhelm me. He effectively helped me understand and navigate through what is a complex process to make it a stress free as possible. I was not a number, Mr. Shaw treated me with empathy, respect and ensured that he got to know me to understand my goals and my health care needs. He skillfully negotiated an excellent settlement that I thought would not happen and in the time lines he had mapped out. Also, as promised, there were no surprises in fees . Mr. Shaw and the team got results. He was transparent from the beginning I definitely made the right choice. The staff are amazing! Phone calls are picked up at the first ring. They are pleasant and helpful. They all communicated so that everyone was on the same page. I really i with the staff. There were 2 staff that should be acknowledged. Arielle Koch, the Law Clerk who answered all our questions and concerns if they arose regarding the tort side. She was completely informed which made things so much easier. She was always a pleasure to talk to you left every conversation with a sense of satisfaction and knowledge. Kimberly Teixeira the Accident Benefit Benefit Law Clerk. She was patient and knowledgeable and making her the most effective person to deal with my insurance. She was an effective liaison who ensured we were compensated appropriately. You can expect a strong, knowledgeable who deal with the clients in the most effective and caring way. This is the firm you want to represent you. You get quality, hard work and extensive knowledge from this firm. They ensured that they understood and in turn ensured that all my future permanent challenges recognized by all parties. My future needs will now be met. The extraordinary settlement ensures that I will not have to worry about future needs and funds. I can continue with my many therapies and not worry about funds for them. I am grateful to have met Mr. Shaw and in turn his staff. I highly recommend McLeish Orlando. They stand by their name/knowledge and mean what they say. They are an outstanding group of people and I had the pleasure to deal with them. I am very grateful for Mr. Shaw and his team's compassion and understanding when I needed it the most. They are a credit to the law and they should be the model of how to work with clients!
4 months ago

leidy johanna

(Translated by Google) The best work team I could have, very attentive and friendly. I only speak Spanish and it was never an impediment for them to give me the best advice. I 100% recommend my lawyer who was Salvatore, an incredible human being, he was fighting for me these 5 years. A thousand and a thousand thanks for the accompaniment and patience. The best choice to take the process of my accident. (Original) El mejor equipo de trabajo que pude tener, muy atentos y amables. Hablo solo español y nunca fue un impedimento para que me brindaran la mejor asesoria. Recomiendo 100% mi abogado que fue Salvatore un ser humano increible estuvo estos 5 años luchando por mi. Mil y mil gracias por el acompañamiento y la paciencia. La mejor eleccion para que llevaran el proceso de mi accidente.
9 months ago

Liz Soph

Patrick and his team quite literally gave us the strength to continue with my dads Case. In 2012 my dad was in an accident. McLeish Orlando was not the first law firm we used. We actually had two firms prior to finding them. The other two firms were quick to see the case and tell us to settle which would have impacted our families future. When we met Patrick (he came to our house as my dad was very unwell) we knew he would advocate for us with the utmost integrity and he did just that. His team advocated for our family and had great patience with my dads new brain injury . I cannot recommend them more. We listened to Patrick’s advice the entire way and did not settle. We couldn’t be happier with the results and cannot thank McLeish Orlando enough.

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