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What Sets McLeish Orlando’s Cross-Border Injury Lawyers Apart?

Experienced Personal Injury Trial Lawyers

Our firm has a reputation for its outstanding trial experience. Renowned for meticulous case preparation and an unwavering commitment to securing full compensation, our firm often achieves fair settlements before trial but is always ready to proceed to a trial when necessary.

Contingency Fee Retainer Agreements

We enter into contingency fee retainer agreements with every client we take on. This means that we only get paid when your claim is successfully resolved. We then receive an agreed upon percentage of the funds you receive as payment for our services.

We will hire and pay the experts that are needed to develop the evidence in your case, be they doctors, engineers or life care planners.  You will never be asked to contribute to the cost of developing evidence in the case or pay anything towards legal fees until a settlement or judgment is received.  We use these agreements to ensure that every person who is seriously injured in a car accident can access justice, not just those who have money.

Extensive History of Helping Our Clients

For over 20 years, our Toronto car accident lawyers and staff have worked on complex car accident cases. Every car accident file is handled by a specialized team comprised of a:

  • Partner
  • Associate Lawyer
  • Accident Benefits Coordinator
  • Law Clerk
  • Legal Assistant

Your team will be in contact with you through every step of your car accident file, ready to answer questions and assist with all matters.

Navigating Cross-Border Safety for Ontario Snowbirds

A family vacation or winter getaway promises joy, but a car  collision can transform it into a nightmare. For Ontario snowbirds heading south, preparedness is vital. In this guide, we explore OPCF 44R insurance coverage, shedding light on its significance, ensuring protection abroad, and steps to take in cross-border accidents.

Understanding OPCF 44R Coverage:

OPCF 44R, an optional endorsement to a standard Ontario auto insurance policy, protects Ontario residents injured in a car accident abroad. It extends coverage in cases of insufficient, uninsured, or unidentified at-fault drivers, safeguarding the insured, their spouse, and dependent children even as passengers. The minimal cost is a wise investment against potential financial consequences.

OPCF 44R Protecting Ontario Snowbirds Abroad:

For winter travelers, OPCF 44R acts as a safety net. Many motorists in the USA have little or no insurance coverage.  If an at-fault driver’s coverage falls short, OPCF 44R covers the remaining damages. In cases of unidentified drivers, it ensures protection by allowing claims against the policyholder’s insurer.

Steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle Collision in Florida:

  • Seek Medical Attention: Prioritize your health by seeking immediate medical attention if injured. Insurance claims can be addressed later, but your well-being is paramount.
  • Report the Collision: Report the collision to local law enforcement, irrespective of its severity. An official record of the accident is crucial for subsequent legal proceedings.
  • Notify Your Auto Insurer: Inform your Ontario auto insurance company promptly about the collision. Ontario policies generally cover collisions in other provinces or the US, but understanding the terms and conditions is vital. Legal counsel can assist in deciphering policy details regarding out-of-country collisions.
  • Consult Legal Counsel: While Ontario residents involved in collisions in Florida have legal rights, the jurisdictional complexities may require legal expertise. OPCF 44R coverage allows residents to bring a claim in Ontario against their own insurer, providing a layer of protection against international litigation complexities, while you recover at home.

 Contact McLeish Orlando Lawyers:

The addition of OPCF 44R insurance offers peace of mind for Ontario snowbirds traveling south for the winter. McLeish Orlando, with a wealth of experience in pursuing claims against OPCF-44R insurers, stands ready to help clients obtain the compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one has suffered personal injuries abroad and are unsure of your options for pursuing damages, contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at McLeish Orlando LLP. Schedule a free consultation on our website or call our office at +1 866-685-3311

Ensure your family’s safety and financial security with OPCF 44R coverage, allowing you to embrace your winter getaway without worrying about the potential risks of cross-border car accidents.

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