Client Testimonials

Interactive McLeish Orlando Testimonials

Aspi Kootar is a loving husband and father of two. On March 8, 1995, Aspi suffered a serious head injury in a motor vehicle accident that changed his life forever. In this video, Aspi shares his story of recovery and explains how McLeish Orlando helped him and his family rebuild their lives after a critical injury.

In his own words “McLeish Orlando really gave me an independent lifestyle”. Before Dan’s accident he was an athlete, a top student and a musician in school. Listen to Dan as he tells us how the McLeish Orlando team helped him regain his life and independence after his accident.

“After our son sustained serious injuries from a car crash, we hired Dale Orlando. Words cannot sufficiently express our gratitude for the guidance, support, caring, and hard work that Dale and his team showed us. They put together an amazing team of health care professionals, and met all of our son’s challenges with such dedication. We always felt secure in knowing that, no matter what, the team would find the best possible solutions. Apart from the obvious professionalism of Dale and his team, what really sets them apart is that they are genuinely caring and open to listening to their clients. They gave our son all the tools he needed to maximize his recovery. Dale and his team have our family’s deepest gratitude for life! We honestly could not imagine having gone through the process without them!”
– Family of a Seriously Injured Son 

“My experience working with John McLeish, far exceeded my expectations. McLeish Orlando’s knowledge, skill and attention to detail made the process of my lawsuit far much less traumatic than I expected.  The injury I suffered was life changing.  During a very vulnerable and stressful time in  my life, John’s team of incredibly dedicated staff connected me with the best doctors and health care professionals. The encouragement, the explanation of what was going on at all times, and the continuous communication was very comforting to me.  The final settlement was significantly more than I expected.  It gave me a fresh start and allowed me to live my life.”
– Julie Enns

“I was injured by a motorist breaking a red light at a crossroads intersection while I was cycling home. My injuries required two surgeries and I was unable to work during my recovery period. Patrick gave me first class advice on what course of action to take; he fought the defence on every point, and encouraged me to remain patient despite ‘low ball’ offers of a settlement. In the end, Patrick and his team secured an excellent compensation for me. He was friendly, articulate, and determined to secure a favourable result. I would recommend him to anyone, and I sincerely thank him for his time and work that he put in on my behalf.”
– Kevin O’Donnell

“There are no words to express how much Patrick Brown’s caring, compassion and dedication have meant to our family. Without him, there would have been no accountability or closure respecting my husband’s tragic death in 2007. He and his team are a unique and amazing group of people, and they have touched our lives forever.”
– Linda Longauer

“After my son suffered a severe brain injury, I hired John McLeish. At the outset John hired the best rehabilitation people to insure my son would reach his full potential. John and his team achieved a much higher settlement for my son than my husband and I ever expected. Today my son can live independently in his community with his financial future secure.”
– Mother of a Brain Injured Son

“When we hired a lawyer, we did not know what to expect. John and his team kept us totally informed and involved us in all important decisions. My girls continue to receive rehabilitation help from the best health professionals. One of my girls is now in university and other is entering college. My husband and I are very grateful to John and his team.”
– Mother Of Two Daughters Who Suffered Serious Personal Injuries

Community & Industry Testimonials

“McLeish Orlando has made a significant difference in the lives of the SickKids trauma patients and families who truly need, and directly benefit from, this support. Thank you, McLeish Orlando, for your support of the Carole Harrison Trauma fund.”
– SickKids Hospital, Toronto

“Known leaders in personal injury claims.”
– Canadian Lawyer Magazine

“[McLeish Orlando] would be at the top of most people’s lists… That’s where I would send my family members.”
– A Top Insurance Defence Lawyer

“Collisions are often life changing events. McLeish Orlando helps by offering pro bono advice to cyclists involved in traumatic collisions. McLeish Orlando’s legal team are longstanding supporters of Toronto’s cycling community.”
– Jared Kolb, Executive Director of Cycle Toronto