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Our Expertise

At McLeish Orlando, we represent the victims of personal injuries and their loved ones. We strive for the best possible results for our clients. Below are the areas of personal injury expertise that our law firm specializes in.

Wrongful Death Lawyers

Wrongful Death

McLeish Orlando's wrongful death lawyers work closely with bereaved clients to help them more confidently face a changed future.

Catastrophic Injury Injury

Catastrophic Injury

Catastrophic injuries are the most serious forms of personal injuries and require legal representation from the best catastrophic injury lawyers in Ontario.

Paediatric Injury Lawyers

Paediatric Injury

If your child has been injured, paediatric injury lawyers help maximize your child's recovery and ensure fair compensation is obtained.

Orthopaedic Injury Lawyers

Orthopaedic Injury

Our Orthopaedic Injury Lawyers have obtained compensation for the full extent of our clients’ injuries.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Spinal Cord Injury

Our law firm has achieved positive results for clients who have sustained complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries.


Traumatic Brain Injury

When someone suffers a traumatic brain injury, it's important to ensure they have the best brain injury lawyers who have the experience and knowledge to help.

Accident Benefits Lawyers

Accident Benefits

Anyone injured in a motor vehicle accident in Ontario is entitled to receive Statutory Accident Benefits, often referred to as no-fault benefits.


Our People

For over 20 years our team has worked tirelessly to provide exceptional legal services to our clients.

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What our clients say...

a month ago

Kathleen Maxwell

In 2016, my friend and I were in a car accident. We were t-boned by a careless woman that ran a stop sign. This resulted in me attending many medical appointments. My life was changed and I would never be the same person again. At the time, I was speaking to a lawyer that was a friend to my Father. He was not involved or invested but assured me that he was taking care of matters. Sadly, my Father passed away in 2017 and the lawyer stopped contacting me. I had given up until 2018. This is when a person at the Brain Injury clinic spoke about the lawyers at McLeish Orlando. I reached out to the practice to request a meeting and promptly received an appointment that was adjusted for my convenience. Mr. Orlando met with me to talk about my situation. He was kind and understanding as well as professional and realistic. He advised that he would speak to a Lawyer at his firm about my case. Mr. Orlando felt that this would be a good fit for this Lawyer. Enter: Mr. Salvatore Shaw and his staff! Five stars does not give Mr. Salvatore Shaw and his staff enough credit for all that they have done to assist me. Anyone that has experienced a car accident and ensuing legal battle knows that it is not for the faint of heart. There are many medical and legal appointments that need to occur for the process to take place. I could not have gone through this process without Mr. Shaw by my side. I’m not exaggerating when I say that. Mr. Shaw and his staff, Arielle, Linda and Iris were my strength when I was not able to be strong. Their patience, kindness, support and time was always made available to me when I needed it. Mr. Shaw himself would call and explain matters to me and make sure that I was fine. My professional relationship with Mr. Shaw and his staff has existed for over 5 years. Mr. Shaw has been my cheerleader throughout this time; never promising more than what was realistic and attainable. I was thoroughly prepared by Mr. Shaw before each step took place and never felt alone. He understood that there is a human side to all of this and that there is a person that has had a life long impact. He was always so down-to-earth, understanding and kind. Mr. Shaw never minimized or discounted how I was feeling or the things I said. I could go on and on for days about how much I appreciate all that Mr. Shaw and his staff have done for me. He in an amazing lawyer, excellent at his profession and the human aspect of matters. This small review does not do justice for all Mr. Shaw does for folks. He deserves each and every accolade that is given to him. I truly could not have gone through this without him representing my best interests. My family and I thank you Mr. Shaw. It doesn’t feel like enough just to say “thank you.” I will be forever grateful for the kindness that Mr. Shaw showed me.
2 months ago

Kevin Morgan

Staff were helpful, professional and compassionate. Patrick Brown did a great job of explaining everything and managing expectations. Patrick was extremely helpful before I was even a client, answering some questions in a difficult time. Throughout the process I was supported with everything, including in ways I did not expect such as finding appropriate providers and dealing with insurance companies. I recommend Patrick Brown and the team at McLeish Orlando.
2 months ago


I was a victim of a car accident in 2018 which resulted in me sustaining a fractured neck and other injuries. A friend recommended McLeish Orlando to me and I am very happy he did so. I would like to thank the two lawyers who worked on my case Lindsay and Dale. They were both amazing. I also want to stress how important the supporting teams of Kimberly, Dinee, and Erica ( who worked on ABs ) and Sunita and Ekaterina ( who worked on Tort ) were. Without the support and hard work of these supporting teams Lindsay and Dale would not be able to do their excellent work. It was a team effort by all. Thank you to everyone involved in my case. Stanley Weir
2 months ago

susan calamatta

We retained Mc Leish Orlando Lawyers. They did a great job in the case that they represented us, in every aspect. They were respectful to our situation and helped us as best they could. We were very happy with their services.
2 months ago


Our family had the worst tragedy that I could have imagined. Our lawyer Salvatore Shaw was very patient with us and walked us through every step. We found him very knowledgeable, professional and personable. We would highly recommend him.
2 months ago

catherine livingston

I would highly recommend McLeish and Orlando. It was a foreign concept for me to ever think I would be in a situation where I would need a personal injury lawyer. I was very fortunate to receive a referral to McLeish and Orlando. Not only did I feel conflicted about a lawsuit, the fact that it wasn’t for me was very daunting. I was advocating for my husband. However, with the patience, guidance and expert knowledge from Patrick, Will and Charlene there was a successful outcome. The results surpassed my expectations and I will be able to look after my husband, and improve his quality of life.
3 months ago

Heather G

Firstly, the accident benefit process is challenging and not created with common sense built in. However, Patrick Brown as his team are professional and help you through this lengthy process with compassion and not forgetting to be down to earth. For me, I greatly appreciated this and shared my human side, sometimes not by choice but felt it was received genuinely. I am greatful for Patrick and his team through what was an extremely difficult life changing situation.
3 months ago

Danielle Gollop

MVA was October 2017. There was a great deal of coordination of different services that were needed so I could return to as normal a life as I had prior to my MVA and McLeish staff help to facilitate those services. My case took years due to the severity of my injuries but my case was managed well. Thank you to the staff especially Melissa and Katarina!
4 months ago

Jessica Dawn

We recently used Mr. Shaw of the firm and we were so grateful to have him. Not only was he patient with our numerous questions, he took the time to answer them all, and always made sure we were good. Thanks so much in helping us get justice for our father. Roxanne
5 months ago

Debbie Clark Artist

I would like to thank Dale, Lindsay, Sunita, Kim and everyone else on the team at McLeish Orlando. Not only are they professional and respectful, they have been personally supportive to me and also my family during the difficult time after my accident. I am very pleased with the final outcome! I highly recommend this Law Firm!

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