Over $12,000,000 Awarded

Our client was a 16 year old high school student who excelled in art and math and dreamt of one day becoming a lawyer. She enjoyed swimming, softball, soccer, and living an active lifestyle.  On a warm summer night, our client was driving herself and four friends down a road in a small town just north of Oshawa. The road had no posted speed signs, no centre or edge lines, and no street lights. As a car approached hers coming in the opposite direction, our client veered to the right side of the road to avoid what she thought might become a head- on collision. This caused her car to fall into the steep, narrow gravel shoulder of the road, veer  into a ditch, crash into a stone driveway, and ultimately roll several times. The crash left our client with severe injuries to her brain and spinal cord which not only rendered her a quadriplegic but also left her unable to ever complete university or pursue her dream career in law.

Dale Orlando and his team were able to successfully hold the municipality liable for failing to create a safe road for drivers. They diligently fought for their client, achieving a $12M settlement.

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