Over $10,000,000 Awarded

Our client was a 14 year old girl attending a regularly scheduled gymnastic training session. She began with her warm up routine and moved on to using the floor and vault apparatuses. Our client’s instructor had then informed her that he would train her on a dismount routine that was not recognized by the Federation of International Gymnasts. After our client’s first attempt at the dismount routine she was unsuccessful and landed on her back. Despite her fears and reservations to continue, her instructor insisted that she attempt the routine again. It was the second attempt that lead to her crashing down head first into the resi-pit causing severe damage to her spinal cord and leaving her an incomplete quadriplegic. Dale Orlando’s team acted for this young girl who prior to the collision, had an extraordinary future ahead of her. She had reached tremendous accomplishments in sports, academics and music. Dale Orlando’s team was able to settle this case for over $10,000,000, giving this young girl a sense of financial security towards gaining an enjoyment of life.

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