$9,847,500 Awarded

Our client was a happy father of 4 who enjoyed travelling and going to the cottage with his kids. He was very physically active and particularly enjoyed running in marathons. Running was a major part of his life and played an important role in not only keeping himself physically fit, but also mentally healthy.  It acted as a form of therapy that was essential to his recovery process from a traumatic brain injury which he had sustained during a motor vehicle accident.

Over a decade after his brain injury, our client was involved in another motor vehicle accident. While driving his motorcycle through an intersection on a green light, our client was struck by a pickup truck attempting to make a left hand turn. The crash left our client with multiple fractures, including a fracture to his rib and tibia. Today, our client still suffers from frequent pain and swelling to his hip and leg, hindering his ability to run.

The inability to run has diminished our client’s quality of life and greatly affected his mental health. Because he cannot stand for long periods of time, it is also difficult for him to return to work as a teacher- something he once greatly enjoyed. The lawyers at McLeish Orlando were able to recover $9,847,000 for our client- money that will not only help with ongoing medical treatments and therapies, but also ensure that his family will be financially supported despite a loss in their father’s income.

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