$3,600,000 Awarded

Our client was a 19 year old boy who excelled at sports. He played on his University football team, as well as frequently skied, worked out, and played soccer. He also enjoyed music and spending time with his special needs sister, who requires 24 hour care. One summer day, our client, along with three of his friends, drove to get some burgers at a nearby town. On their way there, his friend who was driving crossed the centre of the road and crashed into an oncoming van. The crash ejected our client out of the vehicle and onto the road, leaving him with a severe traumatic brain injury, a collapsed lung, severe road rash, and many other devastating injuries.

The lawyers at McLeish Orlando was able to prove that not only were the drivers of both vehicles liable for our client’s extensive injuries, but also the County in which the crash occurred. They were able to prove that the County had not undertaken comprehensive steps to ensure that the road was safe, missing fundamental traffic controls such as a sharp reverse curve sign, a speed limit sign, and chevron alignment signs throughout the outside of the curve. The lack of these signs, along with the negligence of the drivers, helped build a case that eventually resulted in our client receiving a $3.6M settlement.

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