$3,500,000 Awarded

Our client has endured a lot in his young life. Having been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety disorders as a child and being placed in foster care at the age of 6, he had to work extra hard for everything in life and develop a thick skin. One dark cool evening, our client was participating in a scavenger hunt that had been arranged by his child protection worker and organized through a church youth program. The volunteers at the event guided the group of youth to cross Yonge Street against a red light. As our client crossed the road, he was struck by a car driving at full speed. The impact resulted in a skull fracture and severe injuries to his brain.

Lawyers Dale Orlando and his team worked with our client and his family to achieve a $3.5M settlement. The compensation has helped our client to afford ongoing treatment as well as housing at a rehabilitation facility to encourage the smoothest recovery possible.

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