$2,475,000 Awarded

Our client was struck by a police car while he was riding an e-bike home from a bar. Prior to the accident our client had enjoyed living in the city with his partner, loved getting out for walks, going to the beach, meeting up with friends and tending to his garden. He was working at a physically demanding job. As a result of the collision, he suffered a traumatic brain injury and he continues to suffer multiple cognitive, psychological and emotional impairments that have negatively impacted his ability to work and carry on the activities he used to enjoy, including employment. He requires 24 hour care and is fully dependent on his partner and rehab support workers to carry out activities of daily living. On behalf of our client, our firm sued both the defendant driver and the bar our client had been drinking at previous to the collision. Our firm argued that he had been over served and was rushed to finish his drinks and get out of the closing bar without care to whether he might be driving. Defence raised a number of issues in this case including whether our client or the defendant driver had the right-of-way as well as an issue with our client’s level of intoxication. The lawyers at McLeish Orlando settled this case for $2,475,000.

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