$12,000,000 Awarded

Our client had been a hard worker since he was twelve years old. He eventually worked his way up to becoming a senior investment counselor, and was in the process of receiving a promotion to become the regional director of his company. He was a father to three children and enjoyed camping, skiing, and spending time with his family. On a sunny September afternoon, our client was driving down Highway 7 on his way to visit with a client of his. Due to construction on the highway, our client, along with other drivers on the highway, came to a stop. Suddenly, a commercial tanker truck rear-ended our client’s vehicle, catapulting him forward at a speed of 50 km/h. Our client was raced to the hospital and immediately incubated. The extent of his injuries would later emerge as severe head trauma, right sided paralysis, a frozen left shoulder, post-traumatic chronic pain disorder, and many others.

The collision left our client completely dependent on staff at a long term care facility since he now needs constant, around the clock care. He has been unable to return home to live with his wife and kids or engage in any of the family-based activities he enjoyed doing before the collision.

John McLeish and lawyer William Keele worked diligently to get the highest possible settlement for their client, totaling $12M. The money will help provide long term care for both him and his family.

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