The Morning Show on AM640 – ‘Speed kills’: personal injury lawyer runs through ideas that could improve pedestrian safety, reduce deaths


In 2019, 41 pedestrians died in Toronto, nearly 10% more than the city’s average over the previous 5 years.

McLeish Orlando Partner, Patrick Brown, sat down with Mike Stafford of The Morning Show on AM640 on January 6, 2020, to discuss pedestrian safety.

Oliver Moore, Urban Affairs Reporter with The Globe and Mail, created a list of 10 quick ideas that could reduce pedestrian deaths in Toronto. Patrick Brown spoke to Mike Stafford on The Morning Show about these ideas and provided his insight on what he thought were good ideas.

The list includes ‘cheaper’ ideas – ideas that the city could actually do right away, as opposed to arguing that they don’t have enough in their budget to reconstruct the roads in a way that can be safer for pedestrians. Patrick Brown believes that some of Mr. Moore’s suggestions might curb some of the deaths from occurring.

Click here for Oliver Moore’s list.

Click here to listen to the rest of Patrick Brown’s thoughts on the list of ideas to improve pedestrian safety and reduce deaths.

Alexis Perlman


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