Protecting the Elderly: A New Series

Over 1,500 cases of staff-to-elder abuse in nursing homes across Canada were recently reported on by W5, CTV’s investigative-news program. The footage that family members had captured via hidden cameras, to prove their elderly loved ones were being routinely abused, was horrific. The data the W5 journalists studied was from 2013; no doubt, the broadcast admitted, there were countless more cases.

Elder abuse in its many forms, from institutional to financial to physical, is an egregious and under-reported crime. Retirement-home abuse or neglect is something with which we, as personal injury lawyers in Toronto, are sadly all too familiar. It is not the isolated occurrence we would all wish it were.

With the holiday season coming up, our thoughts are turning to one of the largest populations of the vulnerable and frail among us: the elderly. Our next few blog posts will encompass some of the safety issues they face, and give tips on how we can help them stay safe – in retirement residences, their own homes, and even on the streets.

Alexis Perlman


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