A Noticeable Difference: our principal partners talk about their commitment

The partners at McLeish Orlando recently spent some time thinking about the best ways to communicate our approach to cases, clients and colleagues. After much thought and discussion, we came up with a simple phrase that we think describes us well: “A Noticeable Difference.” These three words really distill who we are as a firm, our approach to critical injury law – and they express the total commitment to clients that is our trademark.

As part of this process, we also developed a video in which our managing partners talk about the firm’s values, its successes, and exactly how it is that we make a noticeable difference in our clients’ lives. In the video, all three partners – John McLeish, Dale Orlando and Patrick Brown – discuss the difference between “personal” and “critical” injuries, and how they define a fair settlement and help their clients achieve it. They talk about what initially drew them to critical injury law, what continues to drive them to excel on their clients’ behalf, and the difference they make practicing law in a field that literally puts lives back together.

If you’re not familiar with McLeish Orlando, the video is a great introduction to all the things that make up our “noticeable difference.” And for those who already know our firm, you’ll see that it’s a reaffirmation of our commitment to advocating for our clients, and helping critically injured people lives their lives with independence and dignity.



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