Sports & Recreational Activities

At McLeish Orlando we pride ourselves on being an active firm. Our individual involvements in various sports and recreations contribute to our understanding of the importance of being able to enjoy a specific passion and participate. For some, a particular sport or activity goes beyond a hobby, and takes on the role of a career, for example in the case of a sponsored or professional athlete. Minor injury can be a normal part of participating frequently in a particular sport, however a serious injury can be completely life changing and can ultimately impact if and how an athlete can participate, both at an amateur and professional level. Claims for compensation for injuries related to sports & recreational activities can be based on many grounds, including:

  • Lack of supervision or regulation
  • Dangerous game play or tackling
  • Defective equipment
  • Failure to provide safety equipment
  • Dangerous or ill-maintained facilities
  • Lack of warnings or signage detailing risks

If you’ve been seriously injured in a sports or recreation-related activity, there may be damages available to you. Injuries sustained in sports come in a variety of forms, which will often impact individuals not only in how they participate in sports and recreation, but as well in other aspects not related, in their lives. As a firm with an understanding of the important role sporting and recreation can play in the life of an individual, and with extensive experience in dealing with complex serious injury cases, we can help recover compensation from responsible parties to assist you in dealing with your injuries and to help you get back into the game.