Road Safety Tips

The Insurance Bureau of Canada and McLeish Orlando have found common ground – on the prevention of collisions. Below are the IBC’s top ten road safety tips as we near long weekend driving:

  1. Avoid driver distractions. Distracted drivers can be just as impaired as drunk drivers.
  2. Ensure proper use of seat belts, child car seats and booster seats at all times.
  3. Obey the rules of the road, respect posted speed limits, the rights of other drivers and drive according to road conditions.
  4. Understand graduated licensing restrictions. Encourage yourself to learn more about being a safe road user at every age.
  5. Always have a designated driver. Impaired driving is a serious danger to public safety as alcohol and drugs can reduce a driver’s reaction times and attention to the road.
  6. If you’re experiencing driver fatigue pull off the road to a safe spot and have a nap as driving while drowsy can be just as fatal as impaired driving.
  7. Be alert to the presence of all vulnerable road users and operate your vehicle safely around them.
  8. If you are a medically-at-risk driver, protect yourself and consistently refresh your driving knowledge.
  9. Share the road with trucks. Be visible and be aware of a motor carrier’s capabilities and limitations.
  10. Spread the word to friends and family about safer road behaviour and road safety issues. Education starts with you.

(Source: IBC, Transport Canada, Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists)


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