Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents occur every day, resulting in varying degrees of injury or, too often, death.  While some accidents are caused by adverse road conditions or weather, many are the result of deliberate or thoughtless acts.

Drunk driving, while perhaps on the decline, still causes a significant number of injuries and fatalities each year. Our criminal justice system does not compensate victims for drunk-driving crimes and those who face charges often fail to carry adequate insurance. Proper legal representation is crucial. Distracted driving is dangerous and is on the rise. The use of cell phones and texting while driving, while officially banned, is ongoing. Many Ontarians do not realize that distracted-driving charges can also be laid when a driver is on a hands-free device, conducting personal grooming, or eating.  All of these activities, and more, can and do cause accidents with personaL or catastrophic results.

Off the roadways, serious incidents with long-lasting or life-altering repercussions occur on boats, ATVs and snowmobiles. As with people who are in accidents on motorcycles, the lack of protection can expose off-road victims to particularly grave, and sometimes permanent, injuries. Obtaining benefits for attendant care and rehabilitation, as well as income replacement, are just a few barriers we get our clients over, so they can resume their life to its fullest, with as little disruption and stress as can be possible.

We have successfully represented clients who have been affected by public-transit incidents of various sorts and with different causes on buses, streetcars, subways, airport shuttles and taxis.

A key to our firm’s record, whether challenging an individual or a transit company, is conducting a thorough investigation and building an airtight case of facts and expert opinion. We prepare all of our cases to go to — and win — in court. Seeing that, our opponents often choose to settle, awarding our clients the justice and settlement they deserve, and letting them move on with their needs met, in a timely fashion.