Distracted Driving Accidents

McLeish Orlando stands up for those suffering injuries from auto accidents, including accidents caused by distracted drivers. You can rely on our firm for competent legal services, knowledgeable legal advice and assertive representation.

In today’s world, many vehicles contain electronic equipment such as GPS devices, high-tech stereo systems and equipment containing display screens that require input in order to function. Using such devices and inputting data on display screens while driving can then lead to a number of distracted driving accidents, including:

  • Multi-car collisions
  • Head-on collisions
  • T-bone accidents/Intersection accidents

Such accidents can also occur when drivers are distracted due to the number of people in the vehicle. Too many individuals in the vehicle may not only be a distraction, but also may be a violation based on the driver’s license type. For example, drivers in Ontario with G2 licenses cannot drive with more individuals than the number of seat belts in the car.

One of the most common distractions arises from the use of cell phone and texting while driving. In 2009, Ontario legislation banned texting, talking, dialing and the use of handheld communication devices while driving. Communication devices such as cell phones and GPS devices can be used by a driver as long as the device is hands-free and mounted in the car We have significant experience handling matters involving the use of cellular devices in relation to car accidents.