McLeish Orlando Wins the 2018 Summer Law Challenge

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We are very pleased to announce that McLeish Orlando won the 2018 Summer Law Challenge for the highest number of first time donors, and came 2nd place overall in the number of donations!

Here are the final numbers:

Firms participated: 22 

Total number of units collected: 324
Total units collected from first time donors: 147

2018 Summer Law Challenge Winners

Highest number of donations:

1st Place: Aird & Berlis (77 units)
2nd Place: McLeish Orlando LLP (72 units)
3rd Place: Torys LLP (33 units)

Highest number of first time donors: 

1st Place: McLeish Orlando LLP (41 units)
2nd Place: Aird & Berlis (28 units)
3rd Place: Goodmans LLP (18 units)

We would like to formally thank the lawyers and staff who participated in the Summer Law Challenge. We are a small firm, but we were able to make a BIG difference. Donating blood is extremely important, click here to find your nearest clinic.

For more on our donations this year, click here.

Alexis Perlman


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