Extreme Sports Facilities Not Required to Report Injuries

How many people have to be severely injured at extreme sports facilities before the government takes action? This is a question that in the minds of many, including Ian McAdam.

In July 2007, McAdam was mountain biking down a trail at Blue Mountain Ski resort when his bike bucked on a dirt jump and he was sent over the handlebars, becoming a quadriplegic at age thirteen. After representing Ian McAdam in a lawsuit against Blue Mountain, Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer, Patrick Brown, has showed concern for the lack of government regulation surrounding extreme sports.

Patrick explains that there is no obligation for facilities to report lawsuits to the government, or to provide statistics about accidents that take place. Patrick has since reached out to the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, urging that there must be an obligation for operators to report the number of injuries and deaths that occur during extreme sports, so people understand the risk that is involved.

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Alexis Perlman


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