McLeish Orlando’s Pat Brown offers free legal advice for cyclists

McLeish Orlando’s Patrick Brown has partnered with Cycle Toronto to share his knowledge and offer free legal advice for cyclists.  “I know about cycling law and it’s important for me to give back to the community,” Pat said.

Cyclists, we’re here to help

Cyclists with legal questions, whether it’s about fines, the rules of the road or what to do after an accident, can contact Brown at McLeish Orlando, or contact him on Twitter (@patrickbrownllb) using the #LegalSpin hashtag.

Pat commonly fields questions including, “Do cyclists have to show ID when stopped by police?” (they don’t), or “Do drivers involved in a collision have to pay for damage to a cyclist’s bike?” (they do).

Brown has extensive experience representing the families of cyclists killed or seriously injured in collisions with vehicles.

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