How to Avoid an Accidental Child Poisoning

Written by: Stefanie Chimienti

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As many parents know, children all seem to go through the “everything in the mouth” phase. Their fingers, their toys, their socks, everything! We all have taken various steps to ensure that our homes are safe for our little ones: covering plugs, using gates on the stairs, and placing rubber edges on doors. But sometimes, we forget that the items we bring into our house can also be a danger to our children.

Unintended poisoning is a serious risk for curious children, who often think detergent pods and prescription medication are candy. The Public Health Agency of Canada estimates about 3 three deaths of children per year from accidental poisoning, as well as 900 hospitalizations. An unintended poisoning is every parent’s worst nightmare, so read on for 4 tips to poison-proof your home.

  1. Keep Cleaning Supplies Out of Reach: If you have a locked cupboard, keep any cleaning supplies there. If not, try to keep them up high out of children’s reach, and avoid using the easily accessible cabinet under the sink.
  2. Keep Medications in Original Bottles: These packages are specifically designed so children cannot open them. That being said, be prudent and keep all pill bottles out of reach, and never leave a purse or bag that contains even over-the-counter medication on the floor.
  3. Don’t Refer to Medication as Candy: Although this may seem like a good way to encourage your child to take their cold medication or vitamins, describing medication as candy may lead your child to ingest other harmful medications – this will lead the child to believe that the pills are candy, especially due to the bright colours and sweet tastes of many medications.
  4. Know the Number of Poison Control: In the event of an accidental ingestion, Poison Control is vital to instruct you on how to help your child. Have this number saved on your phone or posted on your fridge.

Your home should be a safe haven for you child. As personal injury lawyers, we far too often see the tragedies of not child-proofing your home. By following these simple tips, you can help prevent any accidental poisonings.

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