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Impaired Driving

When a drunk driver causes an accident that results in the injury or death of others, it is a straightforward task to establish that the driver was negligent. Finding adequate resources to compensate the victims can pose a greater challenge. The criminal justice system does not compensate the victims of impaired driving crimes and those who drive drunk often fail to carry adequate insurance.

At McLeish Orlando we can help you appreciate and achieve your legal rights as a victim of impaired driving. We will pursue all possible sources of financial compensation and make that victims and their family obtain the care and support they need.

Those injured in an impaired driving crash are entitled to accident benefits. These benefits are typically available through your own insurer and are meant to provide an immediate source of relief and recovery. This includes benefits such as partial (or total) income replacement benefits, attendant care benefits, supplemental medical and rehabilitation benefits, non-earner benefits, and funeral and death benefits. It is our top priority to ensure that you get the proper medical treatment and rehabilitation necessary to embark on a path to recovery and regain maximum functionality after the accident.

At McLeish Orlando, we utilize a wide range of resources to assist people who have been injured by an impaired driver.  We conduct thorough investigations, interview witnesses and get experts on the site of the accidents as soon as possible. If the drunk driver was served alcohol at a bar or restaurant prior to the accident, we will investigate whether the establishment may be held legally responsible for damages. Obtaining credit card receipts and cell phone records often allows us to establish where the person was and how much he or she drank. We work with experienced toxicologists who can help establish whether or not the bar or restaurant was at fault.

If a bar or restaurant was not involved and the driver lacked adequate insurance, we may turn to the uninsured and underinsured motorist provisions of your own insurance policy.

If an impaired driver’s actions resulted in the wrongful death of a member of your family, we will do everything we can to secure full financial compensation. While no amount of money can truly compensate you for your loss, a significant judgment or settlement can send a message to others and encourage more responsible behaviour.


McLeish Orlando as a member of PIA Law is proud to announce their sponsorship of MADD Canada. As part of this sponsorship, PIA Law becomes the Title Sponsor of MADD Canada’s National Strides for Change run/walk and will also work closely with them to support their Victim Services program. United by a shared belief that there is no excuse for driving impaired, MADD Canada and the PIA are committed to ensuring that victims of impaired driving crashes and their families receive the best possible support during their time of grieving and recovery.

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