Student Testimonials

“The experience I came away with from McLeish Orlando was invaluable. The student program at McLeish Orlando provides an opportunity to intensively learn the ins and outs of litigation from the people who do it best. I have little doubt that articling with McLeish Orlando was the best choice I could have made in order to jumpstart a career in litigation. Since working for the firm, I have moved back home to Calgary and can attest to the fact that McLeish Orlando’s nation-wide reputation in personal injury is unmatched. Articling for the firm has opened many doors for me and I could not be more grateful.”

– Petrina Wallebeck, Associate, Cuming & Gillespie – McLeish Orlando Student 2012-2015


“Preparing for trial, arguing motions, attending mediations, representing clients at Examinations Under Oath, running an HTA trial, helping partners prepare for press conferences, attending networking galas; these are the experiences that you can expect as a student at McLeish Orlando. Aside from the unparalleled legal experience as a student, the firm is tight-knit and enjoy spending time with one another. Whether it’s spending an hour in the afternoon at the gym together, or enjoying Friday night cocktails, your colleagues become your friends – and working hard becomes a lot of fun!”

– Lindsay Charles, Associate, McLeish Orlando – McLeish Orlando Student 2012-2015


“What I liked most about being a student at McLeish Orlando was the immediate exposure to significant, interesting files. The lawyers and staff were also very welcoming, and made a sincere effort to involve me in the workings of the firm.”

– Will Keele, Associate, McLeish Orlando – McLeish Orlando Student


“I think what sets the student experience at McLeish Orlando apart from that at other firms is the hands on experience. The tasks we’re challenged with so early in our career and the support we get from the lawyers and staff really make working at MO a unique learning experience. I’ve been very fortunate to be on my feet in court, attend pre-trial conferences, mediations, and examinations for discovery, all of which was made possible by the guidance and mentorship we get from some of the country’s best lawyers.

However, the best part of the job is absolutely the firm culture and the people. The students are invited to events like the lawyers retreat, the firm summer social and even the MO Christmas party. We have lunch with the lawyers daily, and social drinks every Friday afternoon. My time at MO has been an unparalleled learning experience but it’s the people that make it such a great job.”

– Bryan Sansom, Associate, McLeish Orlando – Student 2014-2017


“I summered at a big, multinational firm in 1L but felt like something was missing. I decided to participate in the 2L hiring process and was impressed with McLeish Orlando. I made the switch and it ended up being a great decision. After speaking with my colleagues about their summer experience, I realized that the exposure McLeish Orlando gives their students is leaps and bounds beyond other law firms. McLeish Orlando gives students the opportunity to fully participate in all aspects pertaining to a particular file, creating very well rounded students coming out of their second year of law school. I wanted to see how my work impacted clients and I knew that MO would give me that opportunity. Likewise, the culture of the firm is hard to turn down. It’s very fun and friendly with an open door policy. In the end, switching firms was the right choice.”

– Nick Todorovic, Associate, McLeish Orlando – Student 2014-2016


“The student experience at McLeish Orlando is unparalleled – as a summer and articling student, I had the chance to attend court every week, argued a Small Claims Court trial, and even helped prepare for a long trial. McLeish Orlando challenges their students with a lot of responsibility, but provides all the support and guidance you need to succeed.  A great part of the firm is also the collegial and inclusive culture. We have lunch with the lawyers every day, and drinks on Fridays. The students are always invited to the lawyers retreat and firm social as well, which was a great way to get to know my colleagues and mentors on a personal level. Being a part of the McLeish Orlando team was an amazing experience and one that will help me in my future practice.”

– Ian Perry, McLeish Orlando Student 2012-2014


“Having summered, articled, and worked as an associate at a large Bay Street firm, I can say that the hands on experience that students receive at McLeish Orlando is second to none.”

– Josh Nisker, Associate, McLeish Orlando