MO Partner, Lindsay Charles, on the Surge in Cross-Border Car Accidents as Snowbirds Flock South

McLeish Orlando’s Partner, Lindsay Charles, Discusses the Surge in Cross-Border Car Accidents as Snowbirds Flock South.

Lindsay Charles, partner at McLeish Orlando, was recently asked by the Law Times to speak about cross-border car accidents and their relative increase in the winter months as snowbirds travel to warmer climates. A variety of circumstances contribute to this uptick including, visiting family for the holidays, students attending university or college in the US returning home for winter break, and Snowbirds seeking warmer climates.

Lindsay assures those involved in cross-boarder collisions that the McLeish Orlando team is well-equipped to handle the added complexities that come along with these matters.

“Despite the event happening in a different jurisdiction, clients can generally proceed with a claim in Ontario,” Charles says. “There is a slight complexity to cross-border work, but we’ve handled these cases many times before — they’re nothing out of the ordinary for us.”

Lindsay emphasizes the importance of taking protective measures before leaving the province. It is crucial to ensure that your auto-insurance covers you for the specific location, purpose, and duration of their travel. Snowbirds, who typically spend extended periods away, need to be particularly mindful of potential changes in coverage and insurance premiums. In short, step one is to speak to your auto insurance provider to understand your coverage. Lindsay also recommends exploring additional coverage under your insurer’s Family Protection Policy and the option of increasing funding under your Statutory Accident Benefit insurance.

In the unfortunate event of an accident in the US, Lindsay suggests reaching out promptly to a personal injury lawyer from Ontario. Acting swiftly is essential for gathering evidence, complying with limitation periods, and, if necessary, collaborating with American counsel on jurisdiction-specific complexities. Additionally, Ontario lawyers can better assist with facilitating the transition of your medical treatment from the location of the accident to Ontario and with contacting collateral benefit insurers for additional coverage.

Our team of experienced lawyers know how to handle multi-jurisdictional cases.

“At McLeish Orlando, cross-border work is common and we are generally always able to assist.”

If you’d like to know more, take a look at Lindsay’s article here.

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