Long Term Disability

Long term disability insurance is a form of income replacement. It protects your income if you have the misfortune of becoming too injured or ill to work. People can purchase disability insurance themselves or their employers may provide it as a benefit.

Disability insurance policyholders assume that the insurance company will accept and pay valid claims for disability insurance benefits. Unfortunately, that is often not the case. A significant number of meritorious disability claims are denied or payments are terminated when they should not be.

The lawyers of McLeish Orlando hold disability insurance companies accountable when they deny legitimate claims or terminate benefits without valid justification. We force disability insurers to live up to their obligations and honour the terms of their policies. We have achieved success in disability claim cases against insurance companies from across Ontario.

Our lawyers have forced insurers to:

  • Pay all arrears of payments with interest
  • Reinstate terminated payments
  • Pay a negotiated, lump sum cash-out of all past and future payments

We represent physicians, surgeons, lawyers, business executives and others who have purchased a lifetime “own occupation” option for their disability insurance policies. In this situation, policyholders are eligible for long-term disability benefits if they are no longer able to work at their own occupation — not just any occupation. Our lawyers have obtained benefits for clients by proving that their disabilities make them unable to work in an occupation that they are suited for by their training, education and experience.