Fire Loss Claims

Homeowners purchase insurance to protect against losses caused by fire, water and other unforeseen disasters. Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always willing to pay their insured what they are due when accidents occur, creating a more difficult situation for victims.

At McLeish Orlando, our lawyers know how to take on insurance companies in fire loss claims. While we are able and willing to negotiate with insurers when appropriate, our litigation team is ready to pursue full compensation in court.

Common responses from an insurance company after a homeowner makes a fire loss claim are to deny or void the claim on one of many grounds:

  • The insurance company will suggest that the fire was caused by arson.
  • The insurance company will seek to void the homeowner’s policy because the information about the policy provided at the outset of the application was misleading and amounted to misrepresentation.
  • The insurance company will seek to void the policy because the homeowner changed the character or use of the property (e.g. changing from a single family home to a rental property) and the insurance company was not notified of such a change.

Beyond instances of denial, in the instances where an insurance company will accept a fire loss claim, it will often dispute the total value of the loss. Whether your insurance company has failed to accept your claim or has refused to pay you fully, we will work hard to get you the financial recovery you deserve, and we will stand by you throughout your difficult situation.

When our injury lawyers take your fire loss claim to court, we are fighting to hold your insurance company liable for its lack of good faith when it denied your claim or did not pay you in full. We make sure the insurance company doesn’t shirk their responsibilities to you.