Product Liability

When a manufacturer introduces a product into the marketplace, they owe a duty to consumers to ensure that the product is safe and fit for use.  At the same time, sellers and distributors of products also have a duty not to sell or distribute products that they know or ought to know are unsafe.

The lawyers at our firm have represented people who have been injured, have suffered or are suffering illness or injury from a variety of defective consumer and household products. This could include dangerous food that hasn’t been properly inspected or that is improperly labeled such as candy that could pose a choking hazard to children.

There are a number of other products such as toys, bikes, wagons, sleds and other equipment for children that can have a number of different defects that cause the product to be dangerous, including:

  • Lead paint, such as in children’s toys
  • Improper design, such as securing mechanisms and other parts of bicycles that may not be properly secured or designed
  • Defective equipment:Including defective wheels and securing mechanisms
  • Choking hazards:Including toys that have small parts that are not properly secured or fastened

Our lawyers are knowledgeable about product liability legislation and can call upon a range of resources to assist in cases. We are skilled negotiators who are familiar with the tactics that the defence will employ. This experience allows us to prepare our arguments in the most thorough and effective way possible.