Defective Safety Helmets & Equipment

Consumers rely on products to be safe and suitable for their intended use. When products are defective, the defects can put consumers at risk of serious injury.  Often, the consequences of the defects can be catastrophic.

Injuries related to defective safety helmets are often severe and require a significant amount of medical attention. In some instances, injuries can require a lifetime of care. Our lawyers have advocated for people suffering serious injuries relating to defective safety helmets, including:

  • Defective sports helmets
  • Defective motorcycle helmets
  • Defective bicycle helmets
  • Defective construction helmets
  • Defective ATV helmets
  • Defective four-wheeler helmets
  • Defective ski and snowboard helmets

Tracing the source of the defect is imperative in a product liability case. A defect may occur in the design or in the manufacturing process.

Defective designs could include helmets that are not optimized for the user. For instance, a snowboarding helmet with a design that may not fully protect the athlete in the event of a crash can indicate a product defect. Defects can also occur throughout the manufacturing process — especially when one party neglects to properly test the product. In many situations, the process for safety checks may not be flawed, but the process was deviated from or neglected due to time constraints or the pressure of getting the product on the market fast.