What happens if your child is injured while not in your care?

Written by: Patrick Brown

There are many times where  parents must trust other adults to supervise their child or children; school, daycare and babysitters, to name a few. In each case, the caretaker has assumed responsibility for the child and is legally obligated to ensure that they stay out of harm. As a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, I have, unfortunately, seen instances where that obligation has not been fulfilled.

If an injury does occur, the most important thing is to determine who is responsible, and if the caretaker’s negligence was a factor. Often, injuries can be avoided with proper supervision and it is easy to establish that the accident would not have occurred if the child had been closely monitored.

This is especially true with young children, who must be watched constantly. Schools and daycare centers should have a low staff-to-child ratio so each child can be properly supervised.

If your child is injured while not in your care, your best option is to contact a personal injury lawyer for advice.

Patrick Brown


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