Three Tips for People Having Trouble Losing or Maintaining Weight

Eat your fruit – never drink it.

A piece of fruit contains fibre.  Eating fruit makes your digestive system work much harder and longer than if you simply drink juice.  Because of this, you will have a sense of fullness for much longer and your body will use more calories.

If you are thirsty, grab an apple and a bottle of water. Your waist line will thank you.

Avoid white flour

White flour is stripped of the components of the wheat kernel that slow digestion. This means your body digests white flour into blood sugar very quickly.  Your blood sugar will rise quickly, and drop quickly.  The result is, that within a very short period of time, you will be as hungry as you were before you consumed the white flour.  Ensure all bread, bagels, pasta, cereals, and crackers are not made with refined grain products.

If you want to go a step further, make sure all the bread you eat is ‘stone ground’.

Always check the labels

Reading food labels is an important step to a healthier lifestyle. Count grams – not calories. The number of grams of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and sugar are what you should focus on.

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