Researching a Google Reader Replacement

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As Google Reader prepares to retire as of July 1, lawyers who use the service to track news in their practice areas are trying new tools, like Flipboard’s social news magazine, recently tested by Toronto critical injury lawyer Rikin Morzaria for a Law Times article on the topic.

“I loved it as a recreational reading tool. It’s somewhat limited using it as a tool to keep up to date with cases and other legal research,” Morzaria, partner with McLeish Orlando LLP, says in the article.

“The visual display is beautiful and it makes it a pleasant experience to read through decisions but it doesn’t let you see at a glance which decisions are new, which ones you’ve already started reading, and which ones you’ve already read.

“I’ve tried Netvibes, too, which is pretty comparable to Google Reader and you can use it offline.”

Google announced its decision to shut down the popular RSS feed reader in March, citing declining users, Law Times reports.



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