McLeish Orlando Donates to Fort York Food Bank

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McLeish Orlando celebrated Canada Day this year by donating to the Fort York Food Bank! Together, we donated over 10 boxes of non-perishable food items, clothing, books, toys, and much more! Did you know that 13% of Canadians do not have consistent access to enough nutritious food to sustain themselves?[1] The biggest cause of hunger in Canada is poverty, which affects over 4 million Canadians everyday.[2] Food banks help to close the gap between low incomes and nutritious meals. Every month, over 850,000 people visit food banks, and 1/3 of these visitors are children.[3] McLeish Orlando is proud to have donated to the Fort York Food Bank and helped to improve the Canada Day weekend of those facing food insecurity. We look forward to working on more hunger-based initiatives this summer, with Lawyers Feed the Hungry on July 25th.

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Alexis Perlman


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