Insurance Bureau of Canada Misinforms Officials, OTLA Taking Action

The Ontario Trial Lawyers Association has recently sent out a newsletter to every MPP in Ontario regarding the Insurance Bureau of Canada misinforming officials about insurance premiums, claims cost and profits.

McLeish Orlando stands behind  OTLA in ensuring that MPP officials are well informed. See below for the newsletter sent out by OTLA.

In this issue, we take direct aim at the misinformation that the Insurance Bureau of Canada has been disseminating in the media and to elected officials about insurance premiums, claims costs and profits. The fact is that insurers have profited greatly from the September 2010 SABS changes.   The industry’s own data shows that it’s injured accident victims that have paid the price for the industry’s dramatic turnaround through restricted coverage and limited treatment.  All of you already know this because of the many clients you have seen in your own practices where people have run out of treatment dollars, either because they are in the MIG or their $50,000 med/rehab limits have been exhausted.   MPPs need to know that our insurance system is now greatly skewed in favour of insurer profits – hence the theme of this MPP Advisor.

We feel strongly that elected officials need the facts on this issue.  We have sent a copy of the newsletter to every MPP. If you wish, please feel free to print a copy of the MPP Advisor and forward to your local MPP as well.

Andrew Murray
Ontario Trial Lawyers Association

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