Assessing Accessible Accommodations

Written By: John McLeish

Whether it’s a trip within driving distance, as we discussed in our last post, or a flight to the sunny south, many of us look forward to our winter holidays away. If you have a family member or friend in a wheelchair, though, you’ve likely encountered unpleasant surprises with accommodations at least once. How do you know that your hotel is indeed accessible?

As personal injury lawyers in Toronto, we know many people who have either brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. For many of them, these injuries can make travelling challenging. On countless occasions, we’ve heard their stories about “inaccessible” accessible resorts and inns. Whether their anecdotes have been delivered with humour, disbelief or frustration, the clear lack of industry standards piqued our interest.

So, what can you do to make an informed choice? Tripadvisor Canada suggests first and foremost that you call and speak to any hotel directly about the room, common areas, and even the neighbourhood. Ask to speak to someone who is familiar with the rooms and take notes. Tripadvisor’s checklist is fairly extensive, and includes questions about the hotel shuttle, health-care facilities, and nearby amenities.

The more you questions ask, the less likely you are to be taken by surprise – in an industry that’s full of surprises. Have a smooth, fully accessible vacation!

John McLeish


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