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McLeish Orlando is a proud member of the Personal Injury Alliance

Three of the country’s top-ranked personal injury law firms formed this alliance around one common goal: to provide unparalleled legal representation to accident victims and their families.

We are different. We are recognized leaders in our field, have decades of experience, with precedent-setting cases. Some of our cases have secured the country’s top financial judgments. We’ve written books on the practice of personal injury law which are used by other personal injury lawyers, and we conduct our service in a fashion that always answers to our clients’ best interests.

All Personal Injury Alliance law firms are recognized leaders in personal injury law, and we are highly respected by the insurance industry and our peers. When negotiations fail to provide a fair settlement, our law firms have the resources and experience to take a case to trial when necessary.

Each PIA member law firm has an excellent trial record, with some of the highest judgments in Canadian history.

Book a free consultation today and find out how McLeish Orlando, a PIA law firm, can help you after a catastrophic injury.

PIA law joins MADD Canada in supporting victims of impaired driving and raising awareness of the dangers of impaired driving. Read MADD Canada’s Press Release.






PIA Law is proud to be a platinum sponsor of BIST in 2017. Learn more about BIST here.



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McLeish Orlando

Proud member of PIA Law

About McLeish Orlando

McLeish Orlando is a Toronto personal injury law firm representing people who have been seriously injured and family members who have lost a loved one through the negligence of others. McLeish Orlando is a recognized leader within wrongful death and personal injury law. We represent people who have suffered brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and serious orthopaedic injuries. We strive for a fair settlement and the best possible results for our clients.

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