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OBIA and BCI’s 2021 Brain Injury Webinars for Professionals – Cognitive & Neurological Consequences of COVID-19

Together, Ontario Brain Injury Association and Brain Changes Initiative are pleased to announce the development of a Distinguished Speaker’s Webinar series designed to inform frontline health care workers and professionals in the field of brain injury.

McLeish Orlando is proud to sponsor the May 6, 2021 webinar:

Cognitive & Neurological Consequences of COVID-19

Guest Speaker: Dr. Adrian Owen

As the number of people recovering from the effects of COVID-19 infection continues to grow, it is becoming increasingly clear that many are experiencing ongoing cognitive challenges, including problems with memory, attention, reasoning, and simple problem-solving. These issues could be caused by many aspects of COVID-19, from direct viral effects on the brain (such as neuroinflammation, stroke, and autoimmune responses), to indirect effects resulting from inflammation, blood clots, low oxygen levels, sedation, and ventilation. Nevertheless, as the worldwide incidence rates of COVID-19 infection exceed 100M, many questions remain unanswered. First, are these cognitive deficits, where they occur, generalized or ‘domain-specific; that is, do they affect certain cognitive systems more than others, and, if so, which cognitive systems are most susceptible? Second, how does the emergence of cognitive deficits following COVID-19 infection relate to the severity of the primary infection? Third, in those patients who are most affected, are these cognitive disturbances temporary, permanent, or do they signal the onset of a neurodegenerative cascade that results in a deteriorating pattern of impairment over time?  Fourth, how does the pattern of cognitive deficits observed following COVID-19 infection relate to other aspects of mental health such as anxiety, depression, and fatigue that may be a consequence of the disease process itself or a more general effect of living during the time of a global pandemic? In this talk, you will be provided with answers to some of these questions through the results of a large, online study of the cognitive sequelae of COVID-19 infection.

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PIA Summer Webinar Series | McLeish Orlando Personal Injury Lawyers

PIA Summer Webinar Series – Session #2

Get the Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Personal Injury Law Questions

Learn practical tips & tools on legal representation during the Pandemic and how COVID-19 has impacted supports for people living with the effects of brain injury in a 3-Part Webinar Series presented by our Corporate Platinum Sponsor PIA Law.

Presenters: Lindsay Charles & Nick Todorovic, Lawyers at McLeish Orlando

  • How long should my case take?
  • Can my lawyer tell me how much my case is worth?
  • What is an Examination for Discovery?
  • What does it mean when the insurer denies a benefit?
  • What is the LAT (License Appeal Tribunal)?
  • If we don’t settle at Mediation, does that mean we go to Trial?
  • What is a Pre-Trial Conference and its purpose? And more

PIA Law Practical Strategies Webinar – Auto Insurance Open Forum for Health Care Professionals

PIA Law will broadcast an open forum  to provide practical strategies to assist health care professionals in meeting the needs of their clients,  getting paid, and dealing with “incurred”. This is an opportunity to ASK THE EXPERTS; leading adjusters, lawyers and accident benefits specialists tough questions.

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