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McLeish Orlando proudly donates Helmets to Kids at the Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club

What a day indeed.  250 kids and their parents packed in to the Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club to be custom fitted with a brand new bike helmet.  The event was the official kick off to the 2010 “Helmets for Kids” campaign in Toronto.

Our firm was proud to donate the 250 helmets to make this event happen.  OTLA has been running the program since 2002 across Ontario, but this was the first one in Toronto.  We can’t think of a better way of giving back to our community than keeping kids safe.  It was a lot of fun in getting this together and getting these helmets on the heads of the kids.

We were very pleased to have community sponsorship from not only OTLA but also the Boys and Girls Club, the Ontario Safety League, the Ontario Brian Injury Association, Brain Injury Society of Toronto, the Toronto Police, CP24, and the Toronto Cyclists Union. Continue reading

Caring Family Members Will Feel the Sting of the New Law: Changes to Auto Insurance Effective September 1, 2010

[This is the fourth part of a series by Patrick Brown on upcoming changes to Ontario’s Auto Insurance Laws]

Starting September 1, 2010, many family members who provide basic care needs to their injured family members will be cut out from receiving any compensation for these essential services.  The new law eliminates any benefits going to a family member who help the disabled family member unless they show they suffered an “economic loss” because of it.

This will have a devastating impact on families who chose to have family members look after their severely injured loved ones.  The new law was passed at the request of the insurance industry.  It will force families to use outside agencies.  Right now for instances, if a family member is hit by a car and suffers serious injury to the extent they can no longer dress, bathe or feed themselves, a benefit is available up to either 3,000 or 6,000 per month so that other families members can help.  Under the new system, this funding will stop unless mom, dad or sibling can show they lost money somehow [i.e. they have to quit work or miss work without pay]. The only way to access the benefit is to have a third party care agency come in and provide the services. Continue reading

Wonder Drug Offers New Hope for Patients With Spinal Cord Injuries

Scientists have discovered a DNA-based drug that could prevent the crippling damage that leads to permanent paralysis, if it is taken within several hours of a spinal cord injury.

Most spinal cord injuries do not cause a complete rupture of the cord.  However, the body recruits large amounts of sodium to the injury site to ward off a perceived calcium attack.  This recruitment mechanism cannot be turned off and floods blood vessels in the area, causing the cells to explode.  The loss of blood vessels starves spinal cord neurons of oxygen, and the neurons themselves succumb to excess sodium and explode.

The new drug will stop the sodium recruitment process and prevent the damage if it is taken within hours of the injury.  So far, researchers have not found any side-effects as a result of the drug.