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Trucks, Side Guards and Cyclists

On July 1, 1998 W.J. Lucas, Regional Coroner for Toronto, July 1, 1998 recommended Transport Canada investigate the feasibility of requiring “side guards” for large trucks, trailers and buses operated in urban areas to prevent pedestrians and cyclists being run over by the rear wheels in collisions with these large vehicles.

Side guards are a legal requirement in the UK and in Europe to reduce injuries to pedestrians and cyclists.  The mechanism of injuries for cyclists and pedestrians involved in slow speed collisions to be a dragging down motion of the victim caused by the large tire’s slow rotation.  Side guards are designed to reduce the risk of a cyclist or pedestrian being dragged down under the rear wheels.  The lack of side guards has been a contributing factor to multiple deaths to cyclists over the years including two deaths within the core in 1996 (which gave rise to the 1998 recommendation) and the death of Ryan Carriere in 2005.  

The Federal Government (Transport Canada) sets vehicle standards for all new vehicles which are manufactured in or imported into Canada.  The responsibility for mandating truck or bus safety equipment, including retrofitting, would therefore fall under the jurisdiction of Transport Canada.  The responsibility of the Province would include prescribing that side guard protection remain in place and maintained if they were prescribed by the Federal Agency.  Continue reading