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Reporting Door Incidents: A Follow-Up

Good news for bike safety advocates; a new uniform system for data collection allows for Police to better track ‘dooring’ incidents.

As of November 5, 2013 a new records-management system has been implemented which allows Police to track the number of ‘dooring’ incidents across the City of Toronto. Prior to this new system and in light of the definition of collision changing to exclude ‘dooring incidents’, it was difficult for Police to collect ‘dooring’ information as there was no uniform manner to track ‘dooring’ incidents.

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Five-year-old struck, killed by Garbage Truck

As seen on AdvocateDaily.com:

The driver behind the wheel of a City of Toronto garbage truck that struck and killed a five-year-old girl, and injured others, may be civilly responsible to the families even if he isn’t ever formally charged, says Toronto critical injury lawyer John McLeish.

Kayleigh Callaghan-Belanger was steps away from her Scarborough school Thursday afternoon when the truck struck her, the Toronto Sun reports. She was one of four children crossing the street – two others suffered injures, the report continues. Continue reading