Premises Liability

Legal theory of premises liability holds occupiers and property operators responsible and liable for accidents that occur on their property. As a result, this theory encompasses a wide variety of the cases we pursue on behalf of our clients, including slip and falls, occupier’s liability claims, and at times sports and recreational injuries.

Bars and Taverns, governed under the Liquor License Act, have legal obligations involved in their sale of alcohol. Accidents involving drunk or impaired drivers often result in serious, or in some cases fatal injuries. These accidents could have otherwise been avoided if the driver had made the decision not to become impaired or not to drive after becoming impaired. In some situations, the bar or tavern will be held liable for serving more alcohol than is reasonable in the situation.  At McLeish Orlando, we help individuals and families who have been injured in drunk driver accidents.

Our lawyers examine whether or not the bar had an appropriate system in place to ensure that individuals were not served more alcohol than was reasonable in the circumstances, whether taxis were readily available at all times, and whether the bar had a system in place for knowing the individual’s driving record. We will also investigate whether the liable driver had a valid license, and if he or she was operating the vehicle without consent.

While a bar cannot be held exclusively responsible for an accident, it could be held liable for certain actions. Holding a bar/tavern liable can promote safe practices in service of alcohol and can help to prevent future accidents from occurring throughout the field. Our firm advocates safe community practices and promotes organizations such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).