Other Types of Claims

There are as many types of claims as there are types of insurance. That covers a lot of policies, contingencies, rules and regulations, and can lead to frustration and challenges when policy-holders attempt to have a claim paid in full. Making assumptions, not reading the fine print, or not understanding how to back up or fight for a legitimate claim leads to wrongly terminated benefits or denied or partial payments. The lawyers at McLeish Orlando hold insurance companies accountable and force them to live up to their obligations.

Long-term disability, a form of income replacement if one becomes injured or ill, is often challenged.  This is true of fire-loss claims as well. We specialize in these areas because the situation is difficult enough for an individual or homeowner, without the additional trauma of dealing with a reluctant insurer.

In addition to holding insurers accountable, McLeish Orlando has a strong record in court in holding these groups accountable when boundaries have been crossed and injuries sustained:

  • nursing homes who are demonstrating any form of negligence to you or a loved one.
  • recreation facilities or private homes where slips, falls or other accidents have led to serious, long-term injuries.
  • bars, restaurants or any establishments that over-serve or inappropriately serve alcohol.
  • swimming-pool owners who have not been mindful or implemented and followed proper safety procedures.
  • physicians and medical practitioners who are guilty of malpractice.