Boating Accidents

Ontario is a popular destination for watersports of all kinds. Unfortunately, misuse of motorboats, sailboats and other personal watercraft leads to hundreds of personal injuries or fatalities each year.

If you or a loved one have been a victim of a boating accident getting expert legal advice is essential to help you get the compensation and help you are entitled to. Our firm has a strong record of success in handling cases concerning boating accidents. The reason for that success? We prepare every case as if it will proceed to trial. When we present it, the facts are airtight, and every possibility has been considered. We’re well-known for our willingness to go to trial and our success when we get there. This tends to encourage our opponents to avoid court and agree to a fair settlement.

We are selective about the cases we accept so that we can give our clients the level of attention they deserve. Our firm understands the challenges that can arise in trying to resolve a legal dispute and will stand by your side at all times.