CBC NEWS: More Careless Driving Charges Dropped in Ontario as Courts Grapple With Pandemic Backlogs

For nearly a decade, we have been advocating for a vulnerable road user law. This law would ensure that individuals who are convicted of a highway traffic act offense face a minimum sentence that includes license suspension, mandatory driving courses, and community service focused on road safety. We fully support the most recent private member’s bill, which is currently before Parliament. We encourage everyone to ask their local MPP to support this bill.

According to a recent CBC article, many careless driving charges are being dismissed due to an overburdened court system. This is unacceptable and highlights the need for stronger legislation.

As Meredith Wilkinson, a former client of McLeish Orlando , stated in her CBC interview in support of the bill, “We need this law to ensure that the victims of careless driving obtain the justice they deserve.”

Patrick Brown, who played a key role in initiating the private member’s bill, also spoke with CBC about the current status of the bill. He emphasized the importance of passing this legislation to protect vulnerable road users.

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Patrick Brown


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