What To Do If You Witness a Serious Accident

Written By: John McLeish

You’ve just witnessed a serious car accident. Now what do you do? Well, each accident is different and your response will depend on the circumstances. Still, having a general concept of what to do as a witness of an accident is a key aspect of driver responsibility.

Remain calm.

Do not approach a crash unless you are certain that it is safe. If you were driving and have pulled over, be sure to turn on your hazard lights and leave room for emergency services. Use extra caution if you see flames or other hazards. If the crash scene looks dangerous, do not pull over.

If you suspect that someone needs medical attention, call 911 immediately.

Do not attempt to move anyone who has been injured. This can aggravate injuries, turning minor ones into a much more serious issues.

When the police arrive, make yourself visible.

Let them know that you were a witness to the accident. Make notes about what you saw, in case you are called on to help reconstruct the accident. (This occurs if there is doubt over who was at fault in the collision, and often witnesses are important and helpful resources.)

Being prepared to respond appropriately and be a responsible witness to a motor vehicle accident is important for all of us.

As a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, I can assure you victims depend on clear, accurate and responsible witnesses for justice.

John McLeish


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