The Record – Here’s what one local charity has learned from the pandemic


“Here’s what one local charity has learned from the pandemic,” published by Luisa D’Amato for The Record, discuss the Brain Injury Association of Waterloo-Wellington (BIAWW), and how they are pivoting in order to support their community during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The article is in interview format with Lynda Abshoff, the executive direction of BIAWW. One of BIAWW’s major fundraisers is making and selling greeting cards handcrafted by brain injury survivors. They used to get together in person to make them, but now some of the card makers have taken supplies home and can connect online while making the cards. For some brain injury survivors, it is easier for them to be in their own space and using the tools online to connect, rather than meeting in person. “Like introverts, some brain injury survivors are more comfortable talking and sharing stories without making eye contact. Online activities allow them to stay connected and still work on meaningful projects. We will absolutely continue to hold these activities online,” says Abshoff. McLeish Orlando’s 2019 holiday cards were made by BIAWW’s community of brain injury survivors. While BIAWW’s local retail card locations are all closed right now, they have online card sales. Click here to learn more.

Perhaps the most poignant takeaway from this article is the connection that Abshoff makes between brain injuries and isolation, “The rest of the world now knows what it`s like to be isolated. Brain injury survivors, because of their inability to work and be out in society, have been isolated for years. That was their normal before, so it may not be as much of a shocking change for them as it is others.”

McLeish Orlando is proud to support incredible organizations like the Brain Injury Association of Waterloo-Wellington (BIAWW). During this current pandemic, organizations like BIAWW are adapting to maintain support for its members. We are proud to support this great organization. Click here to find out how you can also support BIAWW.

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