Proposed Changes To Auto Insurance Could Diminish Benefits For The Catastrophically Impaired

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The government is proposing changes to auto insurance that would significantly reduce the benefits available to those who have been catastrophically impaired. Contact your local MPP about this important issue to start a conversation.

Following is a list of the facts your MPP needs to hear from you:

  • The proposed change will result in catastrophically impaired victims [Quadriplegic, paraplegics, amputations, severe brain injuries] have their benefits for medical care and attendant care reduced from 2 million to 1 million. The average medical and attendant care costs for a quadriplegic eclipses 10 million. Why victimize these individuals further by taking away their dignity and independence?
  • The government’s own researchers from York University’s Schulich School of Business (Professors Lazar and Prisman) recently reported in a study for OTLA that consumers likely overpaid by $840 million in 2013 alone because of runaway profits.
  • They also reported that insurers made on average 17.5% return on equity in 2013 alone. Why should the insurance industry be given preferential treatment and be permitted to profiteer at the expense of the injured and all premium paying policyholders?
  • In 2010 the government reduced benefits to minor injuries and since then, the Return of Equity to the average insurance company has increased.
  • In April 2016 a new system is being implemented to reduce significant procedural and administrative costs within the system. It is estimated that this will provide significant savings within the system and drive premiums down. If that is the case, then why move ahead with the largest and most significant benefit reduction against the most vulnerable people in the system?
  • Catastrophic claims represent a small fraction of those injured in motor vehicle accidents.

What can you do?

Write and email your local MPP, Charles Sousa and Premier Kathleen Wynne with your opposition to these changes.  Engage your respective communities to stand up against this.  Groups and associations that advocate for the righst of children, seniors, the disabled, brain injured, spinal cord, and other impacted groups must be engaged as well.

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Alexis Perlman


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