New Hope for Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The new finding regarding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome lends new hope for effective treatment

People suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome are often accused of being lazy or even faking an illness.

However, researchers have found evidence that chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by a virus, closely related to the HIV virus.   This finding raises hope that the virus might be treatable with medications currently being used for AIDS patients.

Judy Mikovits, the senior author of the study calls Chronic Fatigue Syndrome “a true human infection.”  The virus, known as XMRV, was found in virtually all of the 101 chronic fatigue sufferers that she tested.  She says that she is thrilled with this finding because it gives legitimacy to victims of the syndrome.

“We’re delighted because the stigma that’s gone on with this, the idea that it’s somehow psychiatric or you are unable to handle stress…would be gone.”

Patrick Brown


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