Insurer Slammed for Denying Benefits 21 Times in 3 years

The  Ontario Superior Court of Justice slammed Echelon General Insurance Company for unreasonably denying benefits to Janey McQueen, 21 times in a three-year period.  Judge Raymond Harris concluded that Echelon insurance denied Ms. McQueen funding for necessary treatment and ignored evidence that supported her claim for other benefits.

Unreasonable Denials of Benefits has Consequences for Echelon Insurance
Echelon Insurance’s unjustified denials of Janey McQueen’s claims had costly consequences

Judge Harris found that Echelon created an adversarial relationship that caused Ms. McQueen mental distress.  He ordered the insurance company to pay the benefits and to pay an additional $25,000 in damages to Ms. McQueen for her mental distress.


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