How to Choose a Good Daycare

Written by: John McLeish

All parents want their children to be safe in an environment that is educational and nurturing, so for many, choosing a daycare can be a difficult decision. Sadly, as a personal injury lawyer in Toronto, I am painfully aware of what can happen when enough research is not done. Here, then, are a few things to consider when searching for the right placement for your child:

Search for licensed daycares

Find out what is available, considering cost, location, the size of the facility and its reputation. Talk to people you know who have young children and see which facilities they recommend.

Visit each daycare center

Ensure that the facility is clean, safe and “childproofed.” Are the toys are age-appropriate? Is the staff is friendly and knowledgeable? Focus on how the staff interacts with their young charges. Caregivers should be nurturing, patient and attentive. There should be a low staff-to-child ratio so that each child has constant attention.

Ask questions

When visiting the facility, ask about their policies (on discipline, education, etc.), about first aid and medical training standards for staff, and about the normal daily routine. Are parents welcome to drop in at any time? Do the caregivers accommodate the special and unique needs of children?

Choosing a childcare facility is a vital and very personal decision. It will be based on what a parent believes is the best fit for their infant or toddler. Parents should always get the facts before choosing a daycare, and only send their children to one that is reputable, has a clear policy on safety and supervision, and is clean and well equipped to provide the best care possible.

John McLeish


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